Jean-Pierre Uys Wedding Photography Cape Town Photographer Award winning and international destinations Wed, 02 Feb 2011 08:03:39 +0000 en hourly 1 a shadow of things to come… Wed, 02 Feb 2011 08:03:39 +0000 admin Janine & Shadley life can only get better for the two of you!


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a brief moment in the city of Cape Town Sat, 29 Jan 2011 23:34:24 +0000 admin


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Denver & Bianca wedding @ Allee Bleue Wed, 26 Jan 2011 16:00:23 +0000 admin Denver & Bianca’s wedding reception was held at Allee Bleue in Franschhoek. It remains my great privilege to be a wedding photographer in Cape Town with beautiful scenery such as in Franschhoek!

I had such a fun time photographing their wedding and we laughed so much that at one point during the couple shoot I had to stop taking photos.

Look out for the “uninvited” guest snoozing outside the church.

I also had great fun shooting the wedding with Andrew Alexander the videographer -his contact details : +27 83 957 2717


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2011 Fri, 24 Dec 2010 06:22:40 +0000 admin


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2010 Thu, 23 Dec 2010 08:36:17 +0000 admin This has been an amazing year for my business and I just wanted to recap what I am so thankful for in 2010! You gift will make room for you and I would never have guessed so much room…

The year started big with me receiving an email that 2 of my photos were chosen for the Junebug Weddings Best of the Best wedding photos for 2009! This is an international award and recognized in the wedding photography as one of “The-A-lists” to be on! I am the first African ever on this list! In Jan 2011 they will announce the winners for 2010. If you haven’t seen it -do yourself a favor and look at the amazing work on the list. Click here!
Here are the two winning shots

Talking about awards I also won gold in the local Sony Profoto awards for this photo:

This has also been the year where I have traveled the most. I started this year with a wedding in Ireland…

then later a wedding in Italy (with my brother Eric as second shooter)

…and back in Europe in July for a wedding in Munich Germany.

I also did photo shoots for a big German company in June & Aug in Germany. Traveled to PE,  Durban and JHB a few times.

Its also been the busiest year for Fine art books for clients and fine-art printing. I think I printed a few hundred meters of prints. My fine art books was also recognized by Hahnemühle in their international newsletter. see this post

This was the biggest book I have ever produced and I just wish I could keep it for myself! It was a new order for the wedding I photographed in Spain last year. The book is about 80 double sided pages making 160 pages!

I did my first workshop, Colour-Edit-Print and also was featured and interviewed on TV on Glitterati.

I think I grew as an artist, because I went through much artistic struggles this year and I am left with a new confidence about my work and approach to wedding photography. There was a stage where I thought I dont know to create something new as I have done so many different kinds of photographs but eventually a new world opened and now I see and feel there is so much more to explore…and that might be the most NB thing that happened to me this year! Wedding photography has become a business more than ever, but the artistic side has always been my aim and to grow as an ARTIST is my biggest reward…and that comes through much continual struggles and prayers I believe!

I want to give a huge thanks to my team for the amazing help in 2010! Ria on admin, Jacqueline who does my printing, album layouts and assists on weddings and Aurette who assist on my editing and recently also on printing. I love you guys and think you are the best! Also thanks to all the other photographers/assistants that assisted me at weddings this year.

On a personal note I celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary with my beautiful wife this year! Thanks Jeanfre for the amazing 6 years and for being my help and inspiration to do my work! Your sms’s always inspire me just when I need them!

Our family also had two weddings this year! Both my wife’s sisters got married.

Jeanmarie & Reggie

Charis & Thabo

Thankfulness is “think-fulness” and when you sit and think back on the year you realize how great it has been!I am very excited for 2011 and above all I thank God my maker!


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Katy & Marc’s wedding in Camps bay Tue, 21 Dec 2010 23:19:23 +0000 admin Marc & Katy’s wedding was held at the Roundhouse in Camps bay. This venue has some breathtaking views and it’s location shelters it from strong Cape winds.

They wanted me to capture great moments and this intimate wedding had a real fun crowd that made my job easy!

I love clouds and there was great clouds to capture on this day!

Make-up by Helga

Wedding coordinated by Izandi


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Christi & Henk wedding Jan Harmsgat in Swellendam Fri, 03 Dec 2010 11:30:13 +0000 admin

Before you think this is a party gone to far let me explain! Christi liked the idea of the trash the dress trend, but she wanted people’s reactions and to surprise the guests, so during one meeting we came up with this idea. This was a morning wedding with an afternoon lunch. At sunset, the guests returned for a relaxed dance party style reception. After the garter and bouquet, they escorted the guest to the pool for a “special ceremony”. We came up with the idea for them to light a candle and send it on a little boat as a symbol of the boat of life they are now embarking on. Everyones reactions was “aahh” how sweet and THEN…

They jumped in!!!! Only them the MC and I knew about this!

The reactions of the guests were priceless and the people couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the night! I want to thank the couple for agreeing to take such a risk and for me to be part of it! The whole wedding was so much fun and their brief for me was to capture moments and create different kinds of couple shots.

Personally, I have never ever been so nervous at a wedding! I was stressing and doing test shots for about 30 mins before the time. The most obvious thing is that you can’t redo this shot! You have one chance! Anything else can be redone at a wedding, but not if the dress is wet and the main objective was to capture the guest reactions. I had to make a choice on how close I crop, shutter speed, f-stop and it was almost pitch dark around the pool so my lighting had to be spot on…so many factors! When it happened, and so fast, I was so excited to look at my LCD and see that I got it!

Christi & Henk got married at Jan Harmsgat Country House in Swellendam.

My wife assisted me at this wedding, thanks babes!


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New Nikon 85mm f/1.4G Lens review Fri, 03 Dec 2010 10:08:09 +0000 admin Last week started on a sad note…honestly, because I just kept thinking that I had to return the new AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G lens from Nikon…

(Before I start, I just want to point out that this review won’t cover technical graphs and stats. For that type of info, check out Nikon SA

This review is based on the lens performance in real life shooting situations. I am an award winning, full time professional, so my objective was to prove if this lens could do the job in a working situation. I used the lens with a Nikon D3 and D700)

What was supposed to be a day or two trial period, turned out to be three weeks. At first I just did some initial test shooting around my house to compare the new lens with the old version, which I own. I wasn’t sure if the new lens was such a major upgrade, but was I wrong.

Image from

Focal length: In my opinion, 85mm is a must have for any portrait and fine-art photographer. The bokeh it produces is just beautiful and I have always loved using this focal length. Why get a fixed lens if you have it in a 70-200 zoom? Well, it’s your choice. There are amazing 70-200 zooms and I own one, but the big difference for me comes in three areas: depth of field, sharpness and shutter speed you gain in low light, because of the 1.4 f-stop.

Shooting at 85mm in f1.8 or f1.6 just creates so much more bokeh or background blur compared to shooting a zoom @ 85mm f2.8. The basic rule that fixed lenses are sharper, applies and when shooting in low light, I find many situations shooting @ ISO 3200 for example and f2.8 just won’t give me the right exposure and shutter speed to freeze a frame and get the detail, but being able to shoot @ f1.8 opens up a new world. It is always best to try and shoot at the lowest possible ISO in any low light situation and the f-stops on a fixed lens makes that possible.

Sharpness and image quality: Yes, this lens is sharper than the previous version. Those who know the old version, will already know how excellent the sharpness of the old lens was. The main difference you will notice is at the lower f-stops especially at f1.4 you can already see the difference on your LCD. So if the old lens was very good and this one is even better…you can’t go wrong…honestly.

Image quality is obviously fantastic and more importantly, the color on the new lens is better and warmer, as a result of the NANO coating. The previous version’s color was always a bit cold for me. Compared to my other lenses it lacked warmth and rich colors. These are the main improvements of the new lens.

For me, the most important issue: What is the use of having great ISO and millions of mega pixels but you can’t get the shots in focus? This lens really shines in this aspect, and the reason why I am so sad to give it back!

I love shooting in low light conditions and usually use my 50mm. I would never use my old 85mm, because the focus would mostly be out. Shooting 4 major jobs with this lens, I almost never used the 50mm because I just got such good focus with the lens. I found myself shooting in low-light situations with this lens and I especially loved how close I could get without getting in anybody’s face. Normally with a 50 mm lens, I would have to get very close to achieve similar intimate shots.

I was getting shots I know I couldn’t get before (or well, at least not in focus) and I was confident to shoot either f1.4 or f1.6 if need be. This leaves me with the Big Issue. Is lens quality or f-stops the most important reason to get a new lens or shouldn’t it be a lens that allows you to express you creativity with confidence and opens up a new area in photography where you knew you had limitations?

I was so excited to get into low light situations and get to play around with this lens. Ultimately I got to capture images that I honestly feel that few photographers would be able to get in terms of having the equipment to do it and of course the creative freedom the equipment gave me. So who wins in the end? You, because your client will be impressed with the photographs (mine was).

When Nikon finally released this lens, I was hoping for an equivalent f1.2 or even better, but working with this lens, I am thrilled to have f1.4, if it means I am getting my shots in focus! So happy about that! What use is a many millions mega pixel photo out of focus, if it was intended to be sharp.

In my review about the D3s, I mentioned how amazing the focus was and how the old version 85mm became like a new fast focusing lens. I don’t want to know how fast this lens would be on a D3s! I do think photographers with that combination has an unfair advantage!

So my final verdict – I LOVE THIS LENS! If you have the money -buy it! Not only is the color, sharpness and image quality and build quality there, but the focusing opens up the most important part to me – new levels of creativity and inspiration!

Here are some samples shot with this lens in different light conditions:


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